5 factors that make sex after childbirth a nightmare

What prevents young mothers from having fun in bed?

On average, doctors recommend returning to sexual life no earlier than six weeks after childbirth. But “can” does not always mean “want”. Why does something that used to bring joy begin to cause negative emotions?

Hormonal changes
Prolactin, which is responsible for the production of breast milk, reduces the amount of sex hormones and suppresses libido. Nursing mothers often complain about the lack of sexual desire and joke that they are excited only by the thought of a sound and long sleep. Experts can’t advise anything original about this: you need to talk about your feelings and try to look for options that will really please you. For example, massage, hugs, kisses, petting.

Tactile fatigue
It is also called the unscientific word “affected”. For the first year, or even two, the baby hangs on his mother almost around the clock: he strokes his face and hair, asks for his hands, pulls his chest while feeding. As a result, any touch begins to irritate – just like any loud noises after a month of repairs at the neighbors.

So neither kisses nor massage from the paragraph above will cause anything but horror.

There is only one way out – to explain to your husband what’s the matter, to tell him that he is still loved and dear, but now you need to sit alone in the bathroom or take an hour to walk around the city and go to a cafe.

If you give yourself rest and, if possible, share child care with other relatives, tactile fatigue will decrease.

physical discomfort
Often after the birth of a child, the topic of intimate life becomes painful in the most direct sense. This can be due to stitches after episiotomy or ruptures, vaginal dryness caused by hormonal changes, cracks and engorgement of the nipples. The worst thing you can do is to silently endure the pain and pretend that everything is in order.

Consultation with a specialist will help to solve problems – he will advise healing agents and moisturizing intimate gels.

Complexes about appearance
The media are already beginning to timidly write that the body of a woman who has given birth is beautiful – with all the stretch marks, changes in contours and kilograms gained during pregnancy. But the voices of those who advise to urgently lose weight and try a new remedy for stretch marks are even louder.

However, even without them, not everyone succeeds in understanding and loving themselves. Some young mothers are helped in this by a general change of image: a new hairstyle and clothes that they like, buying small things for themselves, a photo session with a good photographer.

Perhaps the most understandable and most difficult problem to solve. Lack of sleep and time for yourself, constant chores with a child is a powerful antiaphrodisiac. Neither candles, nor wine, nor an evening together can cope with it.

One thing pleases – children still grow up, and parents have more time.

For now, it is important to listen to yourself, take care of yourself and not feel guilty that you did not run for lace peignoirs immediately after the hospital, burning with passion. And also – to be able to convey to your partner your thoughts, feelings and desires, even if it’s just a desire to sleep.