10 facts about orgasm: everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

Orgasm is a very intimate detail in the life of every person, this state is not customary to discuss, therefore it is shrouded in a mass of myths and secrets. So what is everyone hiding so carefully?

Orgasm is the final moment of sexual intercourse, when a man and a woman get the highest pleasure. For a long time it was thought that only humans were capable of achieving such a peak of satisfaction, but modern scientists believe that such pleasure is also available to some animals, primates in particular.

But today we are going to talk about people. “Letidor” found 10 interesting facts about orgasm. What is the difference between a male orgasm and a female one, why do many women cry after it, is it possible to experience an orgasm without sex, in which country do the most satisfied women live?

During an orgasm, a man releases from 2 to 6 ml of sperm. At the same time, spermatozoa live in the vagina for several hours, and if they reach the fallopian tubes, then up to three days.

About 20% of women cry during orgasm. This is due to a powerful hormonal release. This condition is uncontrollable, but absolutely normal, and there is no need to be ashamed of it. By the way, a similar reaction occurs in men, however, much less often.
But screams, abuse, groans during intercourse are usually issued not because the partner is experiencing strong euphoria, but in order to speed up the man’s orgasm, give him confidence and increase self-esteem. In addition, with the help of screams, women can relieve pain during sex.

Meanwhile, sexologists recommend using vocalization (voice) in order to tell the partner how to act correctly.

The female orgasm is clitoral, vaginal, and extravaginal. The latter is very rare, it is experienced even from the touch of a partner. As for the vaginal orgasm, it is available only to 20% of women, and the clitoral orgasm is available to the majority. According to scientists, the ability to receive pleasure depends on the location of the clitoris relative to the urethra and vagina.

Only 65% of heterosexual women regularly experience orgasm, men are much more fortunate – 95% of them. At the same time, women could enjoy more often if it were not for the hormonal changes that occur during the monthly cycle and sometimes create obstacles to this, affecting well-being and mood.

Orgasm can also be experienced in a dream. Everyone knows that such an orgasm happens in boys in adolescence. When a young man begins to live a regular sexual life, wet dreams, as they are called, are quite rare, except perhaps after watching porn films or vivid erotic scenes.

As for women, they can experience an orgasm during erotic dreams, which most often occur during ovulation.

During this period, the hormonal background changes, the woman becomes more sensual. By the way, vivid sensations in a dream occur during the menstrual cycle.

The strongest orgasm in women occurs at 36 years of age. Scientists suggest that at this age women already have sufficient sexual experience and feel confident in bed. In addition, they do not doubt their attractiveness.

A woman can experience a very vivid orgasm during pregnancy, especially in the second trimester. The strength of orgasm largely depends on the blood flow to the female genital organs, and in the expectant mother, the blood supply to the uterus increases already at the very beginning of pregnancy. But in the first trimester, women often feel weak, irritable, they suffer from toxicosis, so sex fades into the background or is generally disgusted. But in the second trimester, when toxicosis passes, the state of health becomes excellent, sexual desire increases dramatically, and sexual life becomes regular and emotionally vibrant.

About 10% of women have never experienced an orgasm at all, but this has nothing to do with health, just these ladies have never been married and have not had sexual intercourse. Manufacturers of a well-known brand of condoms conducted research to find out in which country women are the most satisfied.
The leaders were Mexicans – 51% and Italians – 48%, in Russia 37% of women receive satisfaction.

But things are very bad in Japan and Hong Kong – 11 and 8%, respectively.

Approximately 80% of women fake an orgasm. Most often they do this so as not to offend a man who cannot or does not know how to please them. Another reason is to end sexual intercourse as soon as possible.
Psychologists believe that it is wrong to regularly fake an orgasm, since it is important for a woman to enjoy sex, it is best to frankly admit to a partner that he cannot satisfy her, and together try to look for new positions and caresses.

During sex, a woman is able to reach orgasm in at least 10-20 minutes, unlike men, who need 3-5 minutes.
In this case, the female orgasm lasts from 6 to 20 seconds.

During orgasm, the muscles of the vaginal walls contract from 3 to 12 times, each contraction lasting no more than a second.